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Ph.D. courses 2005ht


Code  Name Open  
FDA026 Avhandlingsseminarier    
  Designing Team-based Agents   Cancelled    
FDA186 Hardware/Software Codesign of Embedded Systems    
FDA187 Ickemonetär information i ekonomisk styrning    
FDA192 Introduction to Ontology Engineering    
FDA012 Introduction to Research Methodology in Computer Science    
FDA003 Joint Cognitive Systems: Introduction to Cognitive Systems Engineering    
FDA181 Praktikteori & Handlingsteori    
FDA191 Realizing IT-enabled change: agreeing on strategies and aligning actions    
FDA182 Service design   Cancelled    
FDA190 Utvärderingsteori    


Code  Name Open  
  Advanced Computer Graphics - SIGGRAPH Snapshot   Cancelled    
FDA152 Advanced Course on Constraint Programming    
  Advanced Global Illumination   Cancelled    
FDA127 Communication    
FDA128 Computation II    
FDA129 Database Systems    
FDA155 Distributed Algorithms For Fault Tolerance   Cancelled    
FDA188 Software Experimentation    
FDA189 Systems Thinking and its Application - An Introduction    


Code  Name Open  
FDA119 Principles of Programming Languages and Environments   Cancelled    
FDA071 Selected Notions in the Theory of Computing   Cancelled    

Master's level courses 2005ht

Code  Name School Open
  Mobile geoinformatics - development and use of innovative services CIS  
FDA131 Research preparation course in Geoinformatics CIS  

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