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Ph.D. courses 2004ht


Code  Name Open  
FDA025 Aspects of Scientific Writing    
FDA026 Avhandlingsseminarier    
FDA153 Compiler seminar: Programming language design and implementation    
FDA170 End-user Programming    
FDA012 Introduction to Research Methodology in Computer Science    
FDA172 Intrusion detection systems    
FDA164 Kommunikativ samdesign av verksamheter och IT-system    
FDA094 Kvalitativ analys och teoriutveckling    
  Presentation Technique    
FDA175 Special Topics in System Level Design: Networks on Chip    
FDA177 What Analog Computers Tell Us About the Past and Future of Computing    


Code  Name Open  
FDA169 Advanced course on algorithms for molecular biology    
FDA127 Communication    
  Computation III   Cancelled    
FDA129 Database Systems   Cancelled    
FDA171 Introduction to Markov decision processes    
FDA168 Introduction to Scientific Visualisation    
FDA173 Knowledge Representation    
FDA174 Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems    


Code  Name Open  
FDA051 Fundamentals of modern database systems    
FDA119 Principles of Programming Languages and Environments    
FDA071 Selected Notions in the Theory of Computing    

Master's level courses 2004ht

Code  Name School Open
  Research preparation course in Geoinformatics   Cancelled CIS  

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