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Introduction to Scientific Visualisation

FDA168, 2004HT

Status Archive
School National Graduate School in Computer Science (CUGS)
Division LiU
Owner Anders Ynnerman

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Course plan


Condensed crash course.

Recommended for

The course is targeting students who wish to pursue research projects involving development of visualization algorithms or methods or development of novel applications of visualization.

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This course aims at providing the students with fundamental insight into
methods for visualization of scientific data from experiments and
simulations and through laboratory assignments give practical hands on
experience of the possibilities and limitations of visualization methods.

The course is a condensed version of the undergraduate course


Basic computer graphics, C++ programming.


The first part of the course will cover the basics of visualization, such as
visualization pipelines, data representation and fundamental algorithms for
scalar and vector visualization. Volume rendering is an essential part of
scientific visualization. The course will therefore also cover some of the
most frequently used methods for volume rendering and gives an update of
current research in the field. Towards the end of the course the more
advanced aspects of data representation and visualization methods are dealt
with and also an overview of application areas is given.


A condensed series of lectures will be given during a period of two weeks.
The course also contains 5 laboratory assignments. Some of the assignments
are based on the NVIS virtiual reality equipment whereas others are based on
Linux workstations with 3D-graphics capabilities.


The Visualization Toolkit -
An Object Oriented Approach to 3D Graphics
Will Schoeder, Ken Martin and Bill Lorensen

Introduction to Volume Rendering
Barthold Lichtenbelt, Randy Crane and Shaz Naqvi

Selected scientific papers


Prof. Anders Ynnerman
Prof. Ken Museth


Prof. Anders Ynnerman


Oral Examination


3 points

Organized by

Norrköping Visualisation and Interaction Studio


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