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Interaction Programming

FDA197, 2006VT

Status Archive
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division HCS
Owner Mikael Kindborg
Homepage http://www.ida.liu.se/~ETE257/xindex.shtml

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Course plan

No of lectures

3 lectures + seminars and student presentations

Recommended for

Recommended for graduate students interested in programming and interaction (programming of advanced graphical user interfaces)

The course was last given

New course


To learn about concepts, design principles, and technologies for programming of advanced user interfaces. Familiarity with recent work in the area of advanced systems and tools for programming of interactive software.


Experience in object-oriented programming


Lectures, seminars, student presentations, and hands-on programming assignments. Optional project work.


- Principles of graphical user interface (UI) programming
- Structure of window/widget systems
- Design patterns for interaction programming
- Interaction programming in Smalltalk/Squeak
- Programming of advanced interaction techniques, such as drag & drop, dynamic direct manipulation, dynamically updated views, animation techniques for user interfaces, networked user interfaces, etc.
- Influential UI-architectures: MVC, Morphic, Tweak, Croquet (3D-worlds)
- State of the art UI-programming libraries and frameworks, e.g. wxWindows, GTK+, Gnome, Qt, KDE, SWT, Swing, SDL, etc.
- High-level tools for UI-programming
- The history and evolution of interaction programming


Articles and conference papers, see the schedule for the required litterature.


Mikael Kindborg


Mikael Kindborg/Arne Jönsson/Henrik Eriksson


Student presentations, active participation in seminars, programming assignments.


3 credits + 2 credits project work (optional)

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