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Modern information retrieval

FDA198, 2006VT

Status Archive
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division ADIT
Owner Juha Takkinen

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Course plan

No of lectures

10 h lectures, 5 h seminars.

Recommended for

Doctoral students in computer science.

The course was last given

new course


Information retrieval (IR) is an area which has witnessed a lot of progress during the last decade, much due to the development of the WWW. It has now reached a level of maturity where it is being applied to a large number of real-world problems, and not only text documents. The focus lies on computer algorithms and techniques used in IR systems. More specifically, the course aims at giving students a good understanding of modern information retrieval (IR) and search engine techniques, and the kind of problems they address. The course also touches on the next generation of the web, namely the semantic web, and its consequences for IR research.



Lectures, seminars, project.


introduction to IR concepts: keyword, document, query, extracting, indexing, etc.
IR models, and weighting and matching against indices
assessing IR and mathematical foundations
user interfaces and visualizaton of IR
multimedia IR
inferencing and adaptive IR
IR future


Belew, Richard (2000), Finding out about: a cognitive perspective on search engine technology and the WWW. Cambridge. ISBN 0-521-63028-2.
van Rijsbergen, C. J. (1979), Information retrieval. Butterworths. On-line. http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/Keith/Preface.html
research papers.


Juha Takkinen,
guest lecturers


Nahid Shahmehri


Assignments, paper review, and project.


5,0 points (3 + 2)


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