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Preliminary lectures' overview

Due to the distance mode, parts of the lectures will be pre-registered. You can find them in the Lisam course home page for TDDI11.

Lecture numberTopicsReading guidelinesSlides
01Introduction and course informationVahid&Givargis: Chapter 1
Barr&Massa: Chapter 1
02C for embedded systems IVahid&Givargis: Chapter 2
Barr&Massa: Chapters 3-5
Walls: chapter 4
PDF examples.zip
03C for embedded systems IIVahid&Givargis: Chapter 2
Walls: chapter 4
04I/O ProgrammingBarr&Massa: Chapters 7-8
Vahid&Givargis: Chapter 6
05Concurrency and communicationRecap. on concurrency and scheduling: Silberschatz et al. 2009 (course book in Operating Systems course)
Navet&Simonot-Lion, 2009
06State machinesVahid&Givargis: Chapters 3-4
Samek: Chapters 2-3 (except 3.6)
07Embedded designDesign article (see literature).PDF
08Exam preparation

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