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The course examination consist of two parts, a written examination (2hp) and laboratory work (4hp).

Written exam

The course ends with a written exam that tests your understanding of the course contents covered in lectures and labs. The exams will consist of approximately 10 questions for a total of 40 points. About 50% of the exam score will be related to programming, problem solving, state-machine or code questions (see previous exams). Passing the written exam yields 2hp. Preliminary grading will be according to:

  • less than 20p   FAIL
  • less than 30p   3
  • less than 35p   4
  • up to incl 40p   5

Old and upcoming exams

Dates, times and locations of the upcoming exams are best found from "studentportalens tentasearch". A short list of previous exams follow. Future exams will likely be similar in structure, basing several questions on a (made up) example. Note that exams from the period 2012-2014 were compter exams, whereas the current exams are of the regular type.

  • 2016-08-17 [pdf]
  • 2016-06-03 [pdf]
  • 2015-10-21 [pdf]
  • 2015-08-19 [pdf]

Please make note of LiU's policy for abroad exams.


During the course you will complete a set of laboratory assignments. If you miss the final deadline you are always welcome back next year. Laboratory tasks and related information can be found on the lab pages. Labs are to be done in pairs, not alone.

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