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Lab Registration

Please form a group of two and sign up for the labs through the web interface.

The distribution of the deadlines does not exactly correspond to the time required for each chapter to complete. It is a good idea to finish the chapters that are easier for you, before their deadlines.

Please read the lab manual carefully without jumping over any part of it.


Attention: these deadlines are based on the session number and therefore may depend on your group.

  • Grouping up and registering on webreg [important deadline for webreg registration: 02-April kl 23:59]
  • Chapters 1 and 2 [soft deadline: session 2, 08-April]
  • Chapter 3 [soft deadline: session 3, 15-April]
  • Chapter 4 [soft deadline: session 5, 21-April]
  • Chapter 5 [soft deadline: session 7, 12-May]
  • Chapter 6 [soft deadline: session 10, 15-May]
  • Chapter 7 [soft deadline: session 11, 19-May]
  • Chapter 8 [soft deadline: session 13, 20-May]
  • Last demonstration occasion [soft deadline: session 14, 26-May]

Lab Documents


See the lisam course page for more information about the particularities of this distance mode version of the course.


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Last updated: 2020-04-06