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TDDI11 Embedded software

Vt2 2018

Latest News...

17 April 2018  The lab session for group A with Zeinab and planned for April 18th kl 13:15-15:00 is canceled. We will schedule an extra lab session for the group during this week 16 or on week 17.

10 April 2018  You can also read about the x86 MUL and ADC instructions here.

20 March 2018  Do start as soon as possible with chapters 1 and 2 in the lab manual.

20 March 2018  You can use Thinlinc to access your account using your own computer

Download the client for your operating system from here. Login using "thinlinc-und.ida.liu.se" as server and your LiU username/password. Be careful that you will have access to your actual account and that all modification will have the same effect as if you would have performed them from a lab room.

19 March 2018  The course web pages are being updated

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