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TDDI11 Embedded software

Vt2 2019

NOTE: The course will be run in distance mode. Concretely, this means lectures, labs and exam will be carried out in distance mode. This is a result of the Coronavirus - measures taken by LiU.

Latest News...

200406  Check if you can access the team TDDI11_VT20_X (where X is your Webreg group) and your prvate channel there.

In the team, there should be a private channel assigned to you and your lab partner. Get back to your course assistant (as usual with[TDDI11] in the subject of your message) if you cannot access your team or your private channel.

200328  A Lisam course home page has been created for TDDI11.

The Lisam page will be used to share lectures and other specific information related to the distance mode of the course. It is accessible to all registred students. Make sure you can access it if you are registred or want to take the exam.

200325  The course web pages are being updated for 2020.

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Last updated: 2020-08-29