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Laboration 1 - Layout in Kotlin+xml,Flutter and React-Native


A layout defines the visual structure of a user interface.You can declare a layout in several different ways in this exercise we will work with:

  • Create interface elements in 4 different ways
  • Create interface elements in both code and declaratively
Android gives you the opportunity to use several different ways to create interfaces.In this laboratory work you will create the same layout in multiple different ways, this in order to try some different approaches.
Getting started with Android Studio at IDA


You should recreate the following user interface for Android in four copies, one for each framework Kotlin+XML,Kotlin+Composable functions, React Native, and Flutter (you should only the create user interface, not any functionality).Your solution for Kotlin+XML should be declarative, that is, your layout should be created in XML. (You do not need to use the exact same image)

User interface 1

Presenting your work

Demonstrate your your user interfaces for the lab assistant , the assistant can ask you explain parts of the code.The assistant tells you how they wants you to submit your code.


Android utveckling (Good starting point.)
Layout on android
Android Compose
Flexbox Froggy, learn Flexbox

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