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TDDC17 Artificial Intelligence


The course has the following examination items:



Course Labs

All labs in the course lab series must be handed in and approved by one of the course assistants before credit will be given for the lab series.

Course Examination

The date for the first exam occasion is: TBA
The date for the second exam occasion is: TBA
The date for the third exam occasion is: TBA

Please make sure to bring a hand calculator with you to the exam. Some questions may require doing computations involving real numbers and logarithmic functions.

Choice of exam contents changes from exam to exam due to the large amount of material covered in the book. In ample time before the exam, reading guidelines to help you with your preparations will be posted.

That being said, in general you are responsible for knowing all lab content, overhead slide material and seminar material in addition to the material described in the course reading list (not to be confused with the exam reading list).

The preliminary exam reading list for Fall 2018 is now ready:

Exam Reading List

Here are some Sample Exams:

Example Exam 1

Example Exam 2