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TDDC17 Artificial Intelligence

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2018‑10‑16  TDDC17 Today's Seminar: 13.15, 2018-10-16 (Ada Lovelace)

Today's seminar is in Ada Lovelace (B-Hus) across from JAVA Cafe and NOT C1!

2018‑10‑15  TDDC17 Exam Reading List

The Exam reading list has now been updated for 2018. Click "Examination" in the menu to the left. A new sample exam has also been added.

2018‑09‑05  TDDC17 Fall 2018 Course

Webreg is now online for registering for your labs. Go to "Labs" in the menu to the left.

2018‑07‑20  First TDDC17 Seminar 2018

The 1st TDDC17 seminar will be on Tuesday 09/04, 13-15, C4

2018‑07‑20  TDDC17 Fall 2018 Course

Update of course pages for the TDDC17 Fall 2018 is in progress

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