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TDDC17 Artificial Intelligence (6 ECTS)

Ht1 2022

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2022‑08‑20  TDDC17 Web pages updated

The TDDC17 web pages have been updated for the Fall 2022 course

2021‑08‑09  TDDC17 First seminar (Fo) for the Fall 2021 Course

The first seminar will be on Tuesday, August 31, 13-15 via Zoom


The 3rd TDDC17 Exam for the Fall 2020 course is scheduled for the 2021-08-23 from 08-12. This exam will be given as a distance exam. The exam will be posted at: https://liuonline.sharepoint.com/sites/Lisam_TDDC17_2020HT_I9.
Rules for the exam may be found at: https://www.student.liu.se/tenta/regler?l=en&sc=true.
You will be allowed to use the course text book and the slides in addition to the two articles posted for reading. You are not allowed to to use any other sources either on-line or off-line. Programmable calculators can also be used without pre-programming and only for simple calculations such as addition/subtraction/division, etc.

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