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TDDC17 Artificial Intelligence


Lab Registration

Registration for the labs should be done using the Web-Reg on-line registration system.

Due to the high number of students participating in the course this year single-person lab groups are not allowed - i.e. each group must have two students solving the labs together.

To register for the labs and for information about how the WebReg System works go to: WebReg Info. Note: U3 group is reserved for U3 students only.


There is a semi-hard deadline of having the labs done before the exam. This is beneficial to you in two respects. Firstly, it will help you in passing the exam. Secondly, our ability to correct labs after the period ends decreases radically due to time constraints. For prompt registration of lab results it is best to get them in before the exam.

To make it easier for you to plan your participation in the lab course we have provided you with some guidelines below for when the labs should be completed. These are only guidelines! Remember that there are five labs and twelve teacher aided lab occasions. This amounts to a little over two lab occasions per lab with some slack. We expect lab 1 to take the least amount of time for most while lab 5 may take a bit longer than the rest. Remember to read the designated chapters in the book in advance to be as efficient as possible. We also encourage you to work outside of the teacher assisted lab hours if possible.

Lab Material

Five labs are planned for the course. Lab specifications will be updated and placed online incrementally during the course. The first lab will be accessible in late august.

Lab 1: Intelligent Agents, recommended turn-in date: after 2-3 lab sessions

Lab 2: Search, recommended turn-in date: after 2-3 lab sessions

Lab 3: Bayesian Networks, recommended turn-in date: after 2-3 lab sessions

Lab 4: Planning, recommended turn-in date: after 2-3 lab sessions

Lab 5: Reinforcement Learning, recommended turn-in date: after 3 lab sessions

Lab Submission

If a lab requires demonstration to a lab assistant, do that before submitting it. Any lab assistant can oversee the demonstration. After the demonstration has been accepted, submit the lab to the designated lab assistant of your group. We accept submissions both through e-mail and on paper. The subject line of the submission e-mail must contain "TDDC17" text.

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Last updated: 2018-09-26