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TDDB44 Compiler Construction


Passing the laboratory assignments and a written exam. The result of the exam gives the final grade for the course.

Written exam

The questions will be given in English.
General instructions will be given in both English and Swedish.
You may write the answers in Swedish or in English.

Allowed aids in the written exam

  • dictionary between English and your native language
  • pocket calculator
No books, no notes, no papers.

Do not forget course registration!

We are not entitled to correct exams and report results for students who are not registered on the course.
If you forgot to register, please follow the studierektor's instructions for late registration.

Dates for next written exam

See the central exam date search engine for TDDB44.

Exam grading and showing

The expected time to grade exams is 10-15 working days (2-3 weeks). The exam showing where you can get feedback from the grading teacher(s) is typically given around one week after this deadline for the first exam and on demand for the re-exams due to low demand. Times for exam showing are usually announced by email together with the results of the exam.

Exam Preparation

Under construction: Compiler Construction Exercises

Old Exams

See the student office.

Here you can find some old exams created before the student office database:

Old exams in English

Exam - December 1999 [PDF]

Exam - April 1999 [PDF]

Exam - May 2000 [PDF]

Exam - Dec 2000 [PDF]

Exam - Apr 2001 [PDF]

Exam - Aug 2003 [PDF]

Exam - Dec 2003 [PDF]

Exam - March 2005 [PDF]

Exam - Dec 2005 [PDF], [PDF with solution proposal for selected questions]

Exam - April 2006 [PDF]

Exam - Aug 2006 [PDF]

Exam - Dec 2006 [PDF], [PDF with solution proposal]

Exam - April 2007 [PDF]

Exam - Aug 2007 [PDF]

Exam - Dec 2007 [PDF]

Exam - March 2008 [PDF]

Exam - Aug 2008 [PDF]

Exam - Dec 2008 [PDF]

Exam - April 2009 [PDF]

Exam - Aug 2009 [PDF]

Exam - Dec 2009 [PDF], [PDF with solution proposal part 1], [PDF with solution proposal part 2 (theory)]

Exam - Aug 2015 [PDF], [PDF with solution proposal]

Old exams in Swedish

Exam - April 1999 [PDF]

Exam - August 1999 [PDF]

Exam - December 1999 [PDF]

Exam - May 2000 [PDF]

Exam - August 2000 [PDF]

Exam - December 2000 [PDF]

Exam - April 2001 [PDF]

Exam - August 2001 [PDF]

Remark: Bootstrapping, rehosting and T-diagrams (which occur in several old exams) are no longer part of the course contents and will not be asked in the exam.

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Last updated: 2022-10-30