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Publications related to Sports Analytics research at LiU



  • Daniel de Leng, Mattias Tiger, Mathias Almquist, Viktor Almquist, Niklas Carlsson, "A Second Screen Journey to the Cup: Twitter Dynamics during the Stanley Cup Playoffs", Proc. IEEE/IFIP Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference (TMA), Vienna, Austria, June 2018. doi, pdf, slides


  • Marcus Bendtsen, Regimes in baseball players' career data, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 31(6):1580-1621, 2017. doi

Master and Bachelor theses

  • Sans Fuentes C, Markov Decision Processes and ARIMA models to analyze and predict Ice Hockey player's performance. LIU-IDA/STAT-A--19/001--SE, 2019.
  • Gonzalez Dos Santos T, NBA Game Prediction and Season Simulation - Statistics Applied to Sport. LIU-IDA/STAT-A--19/005--SE, 2019.
  • Nsolo E, Prediction models for soccer sports analytics. LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--18/021--SE, 2018.
  • Alvarsson A, The development of a sports statistics web application. LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/030--SE, 2017.

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