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Sports Analytics related research projects at LiU


  • Ice hockey
    • Player performance in ice hockey
    • Ranking of players
    • Player roles and player styles in ice hockey
      • LINHAC 2024: Characterizing Playing Styles for Ice Hockey Players (link to paper)
      • MLSA 2023: Identifying Player Roles in Ice Hockey (link to paper)
    • Team performance in ice hockey
    • Visualization of ice hockey data (with Linköping Hockey Club (LHC))
    • An ontology for ice hockey
    • Twitter Dynamics during the Stanley Cup Playoffs
      • TMA 2018: A Second Screen Journey to the Cup: Twitter Dynamics during the Stanley Cup Playoffs (link to paper)
  • Football
    • Player trajectories in football (with Signality)
      • MLSA 2019: Predicting Player Trajectories in Shot Situations in Soccer (link to paper)
    • Player performance in football
      • ISACE 2024: Age of Peak Performance among Soccer Players in Sweden
      • MLSA 2018: Player valuation in European footbal (link to paper)
  • Basketball
    • Season outcome prediction
      • MLSA 2021: Predicting Season Outcomes for the NBA (link to paper)
  • Badminton
    • An ontology for badminton
      • FOIS 2024: BadmintONTO: A Badminton Domain Ontology
  • Baseball
    • Careers of players
      • Data Min Knowl Disc 2017: Regimes in baseball players' career data (link to paper)
  • System development for teams/companies
    • Development of a data visualization system for ice hockey goalkeepers (BSc, LHC)
    • Development of a scouting system for ice hockey (BSc, LHC)
    • Development of a reporting system for sports statistics for ice hockey and floorbal (MSc, Sports Editing (Linköping))

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Last updated: 2024-07-12