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Sports Analytics researchers at LiU


Patrick Lambrix

Position: Professor
Research interests: Knowledge Engineering, Semantic Web, Ontologies, Databases, Data Mining, Sports Analytics.
Favorite sport: Ice hockey

Marcus Bendtsen

Position: Associate professor
Research interests: Machine Learning, Statistics, Medical Applications.
Favorite sports: Baseball, American football

Niklas Carlsson

Position: Associate Professor
Research interests: Distributed systems and networks, Performance Evaluation, Sports Analytics.
Favorite sport: Ice hockey

Research assistants

  • Rasmus Säfvenberg
  • Martin Smelik
  • Min-Chun Shih

MSc/BSc students

  • Dimitra Muni
  • Yahaya Usman
  • Della Baby and Miaoling Shi
  • Felix Stjernberg and Joel Tell (2021, LHC)
  • Tim Carsting and Jens Gummesson (2021, LHC)
  • Rasmus Rynell and Jesper Persson (2021, LHC)
  • Dennis Ljung (2021)
  • Jon Vik (2021)
  • Timmy Lehmus Persson and Haris Kozlica (2020)
  • Per Lindström (2019, Signality)
  • Carles Sans Fuentes (2019)
  • Teno Gonzalez Dos Santos (2019)
  • Edward Nsolo (2018)
  • Andreas Alvarsson (2017, Sports Editing)

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Last updated: 2022-01-19