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  Patrick Lambrix

Patrick Lambrix is professor at the Department of Computer and Information Science of Linköping University. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Linköping University in 1996.

He is the Deputy Director of the Division for Databases and Information Techniques (ADIT) where he leads the Database and Web Information Systems Group. He is a member of SeRC, the Swedish e-Science Research Centre. He is also member of the Semantic Web research group and the Sports Analytics research group at Linköping University.

His main expertise is in knowledge engineering and his current research interests relate to the areas of

  • Semantic Web (ontologies)
  • Databases
  • Bioinformatics
  • Sports analytics

PhD student position available. Application deadline 2019-08-30. Description of the project is here.
Apply via, PhD student position in Computer Science within CUGS Research School, IDA-2019-00153, project "Completing and Debugging Large Ontologies and their Networks".

Degree projects related to knowledge engineering and the Semantic Web as well as to sports analytics may be available.

NEWS: Articles about our project on visualization of ice hockey data in cooperation with Linköping Hockey Club (LHC) were posted on LHC's web page and

NEWS: Our group teaches in LiU's overview course on AI and digitalization (May/June 2019).

NEWS: Prof Jesse Davis will give a talk on Wednesday 2019/04/24 15:15 on "Evaluating the Performance of Soccer Players".

NEWS: The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) provides funding for the project CoDeLON - Completing and Debugging Large Ontologies and their Networks for 2019-22.

NEWS: Our group joins the EU project SPIRIT - Scalable privacy preserving intelligence analysis for resolving identities.

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patrick.lambrix (at)
phone: +46 (13) 28 26 05, fax: +46 (13) 14 22 31
office: Building B, Ground floor, Room 2B:474
post address: Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), Linköpings universitet, S-581 83 Linköping, Sweden