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  Patrick Lambrix

Patrick Lambrix is professor at the Department of Computer and Information Science of Linköping University. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Linköping University in 1996.

He is the head of the Division for Databases and Information Techniques (ADIT) where he also leads the Database and Web Information Systems Group. He is a member of the Swedish e-Science Research Centre SeRC and an affiliate of the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program WASP. He is also member of the Semantic Web research group and the Sports Analytics research group at Linköping University.

His main expertise is in knowledge engineering and his current research interests relate to the areas of

  • Semantic Web (ontologies)
  • Databases
  • Knowledge engineering for Materials Science
  • Knowledge engineering for the Life Sciences
  • Sports analytics

Social media: Twitter

Degree projects related to knowledge engineering and the Semantic Web as well as to sports analytics may be available.

NEWS: The latest issue (2002 - Nr 6) of the Swedish sports science magazine "Idrott och Kunskap" features an article on sports analytics based on interviews with Patrick Lambrix (ice hockey), Anton Kalén (golf), David Sumpter (football) and Daniel Svensson (history).

NEWS: Patrick Lambrix was honored as 'Markante Tongenaar 2022' (Remarkable citizen of Tongeren 2022) for his scientific contributions on November 4, 2022 in Tongeren, Belgium. Invitation.

NEWS: Patrick Lambrix will give an invited talk on our work on performance metrics for ice hockey players at the Skövde Sports Analytics Summit, October 27-28, 2022.

NEWS: The EU FP7-IP-608142 project VALCRI (Visual Analytics for Sense-making in CRiminal Intelligence analysis) in which we participated, receives the 2022 Security Innovation Commercialisation Award from DG HOME of the European Commission. Award ceremony on October 5, 2022. News from EC DG HOME.

NEWS: Patrick Lambrix gave an invited talk on our work on semantic and integrated access to materials databases at Psi-k 2022, August 22-25, 2022. The Psi-k conference, which is held every 5 years (but due to covid-19, it was 7 years ago), is the largest conference in electronic structures.

NEWS: Read about Linköping Hockey Analytics Conference - LINHAC 2022: in the LiU news and LHC news (in Swedish).

NEWS: My student Huanyu Li will present his PhD thesis on May 19, 2022. Opponent: assoc prof Mari Carmen Suarez-Figueroa. Examination Committee: prof Harald Sack, Dr Luca Ghiringhelli, prof Marco Kuhlmann, (prof Patrik Thollander).

NEWS: Bo Fu, Patrick Lambrix and Catia Pesquita organize VOILA 2022 - 7th International Workshop on Visualization and Interaction for Ontologies and Linked Data, co-located with the 21th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2022).

NEWS: Our group participates in Onto-DESIDE, a EU-funded Horizon Europe project on circular economy. Eva Blomqvist from our Semantic Web group leads the project with start mid 2022. From our division, Olaf Hartig, Niklas Carlsson and Patrick Lambrix participate.

NEWS: Bo Fu, Patrick Lambrix and Catia Pesquita are guest editors for a special issue of the Semantic Web Journal on Interactive Semantic Web. Deadline for submission of contributions: June 30, 2022. Link to call for contributions

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patrick.lambrix (at)
phone: +46 (13) 28 26 05, fax: +46 (13) 14 22 31
office: Building B, Ground floor, Room 2B:474
post address: Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), Linköpings universitet, S-581 83 Linköping, Sweden