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Conference organization
Leadership commisions
Examination Ph.D. students

Conference organization:

Committee chair

Steering committee

  • EKAW, International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (since 2014, chair dec 2014 - nov 2016).
  • OAEI, Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (since 2018).

Program committee member

Session organizer

  • Co-organizer with Judith Blake and Nigam Shah of session on 'Ontology Alignment' at Dagstuhl Seminar 07132, Towards Interoperability of Biomedical Ontologies, Dagstuhl, Germany, 2007.

Editorial board member

Guest editor

Leadership commisions:


(LiU = Link ping University; IDA = Department of Computer and Information Science.)
  • Head of the ADIT division at LiU/IDA. (since 2020)
  • (First) Undergraduate studies area manager (studierektor) of the ADIT division at LiU/IDA. (1999-2006, 2011-2015, since end of 2016)
  • Degree project coordinator of the ADIT division at LiU/IDA. (since 2015 )
  • Program coordinator for the Computer Science Master programs at LiU. (since 2007)
  • Deputy member of the department board for LiU/IDA (2001-2005, since 2021). Member of the department board for LiU/IDA (2006-2020).
  • Member of Program Planning Group for the Computer Science and Computer Engineering Master programs at LiU.
  • Member of LiU/IDA's working group on PhD education. (since 2020)
  • Member of LiU/IDA's working group on undergraduate education. (since 2019)


  • Program coordinator for the Computer Science/CUGS Master program at LiU.
  • (First) Director of undergraduate studies (huvudstudierektor) of LiU/IDA. (2002-2006)
  • Undergraduate studies area manager (studierektor) of the SaS division at LiU/IDA. (2010-2012)
  • Deputy member of the board of CUGS, national graduate school of computer science. (2001-2008)
  • Member of the education board (UN) and the planning committee (LoT) for the Mechanical Engineering curriculum at LiU. (2000-2002)
  • Member of the education board (UN) and the planning committee (LoT) for the Engineering Biology curriculum at LiU. (2003-2006)
  • Deputy Member of the education board for chemistry, biology and biotechnology (KB-nämnd) at LiU. (2015-2020)
  • Co-developer and co-responsible for the Bioinformatics specializations in the Computer Science curriculum and the Engineering Biology curriculum at LiU.
  • Responsible for the Industrial Information Systems profile in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum at LiU. (2000-2002)
  • Co-developer of the Statistics and Data Mining Master program at LiU.
  • (First) Degree project coordinator at LiU/IDA. (1997-2002)
  • Degree project coordinator of the SaS division at LiU/IDA. (2010-2012)
  • Member of board for undergraduate education (IDUN) at LiU/IDA.
  • Departmental coordinator for proposing head and vice-heads of department for LiU/IDA (2008 for 2009-2011; 2011 for 2012-2014; 2014 for 2015-2017; 2017 for 2018-2020, 2020 for 2021-2023, 2023 for 2024-2026); member (1999) and coordinator (2008, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2020, 2023) of election committee for board of LiU/IDA.
  • Initiator (with Hanjing Lee) of double degree master program LiU - Harbin Institute of Technology.
  • Different working groups, e.g.,
    at LiU/IDA: IDA 2000 information group, preparation for implementation of Bologna agreement (chair), programming languages in education (chair), IDA Web Information Group, IDA Ladok 3 group, IDA office space group
    at LiU/TFK: Merging computer science educations CS and DAV (chair)

Examination Ph.D. students

Ph.D. examination committee

  • (backup) Mariusz Wzorek (2023), LiU/IDA.
    Selected Functionalities for Autonomous Intelligent Systems in Public Safety Scenarios.
  • (backup) Natalia Skripnyak (2020), LiU/IFM.
    Theoretical description of Ti and Ti Alloys from first principles.
  • Nicholas Baltzer (2019), Uppsala University, Sweden.
    Predicitive Healthcare: Cervical Cancer Screening Risk Stratification and Genetic Disease Markers.
  • Amina Annane (2018), Montpellier University, France.
    Using Background Knowledge to Enhance Biomedical Ontology Matching.
  • Leif Jonsson (2018), LiU/IDA.
    Machine Learning-Based Bug Handling in Large-Scale Software Development.
  • Thanh Truong (2016), Uppsala University, Sweden.
    Main-Memory Query Processing Utilizing External Indexes.
  • Magnus Ingmarsson (2013), LiU/IDA.
    Creating and enabling the useful service discovery experience.
  • Fredrik Lysholm (2013), LiU/IFM.
    Bioinformatic methods for characterization of viral pathogens in metagenomic samples.
  • Kerstin Ådahl (2012), Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.
    On decision support in participatory medicine supporting health care empowerment.
  • Joel Hedlund (2010), LiU/IFM.
    Bioinformatic protein family characterisation.
  • Merja Karjalainen (2010), Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.
    A Uniform Query Processing Approach for Integrating Data for Heterogeneous Resources.
  • Jetendr Shamdasani (2010), University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.
    Semantic Matching for the Medical Domain.
  • Aida Vitoria (2010), LiU/ITN.
    Reasoning with Rough Sets and Paraconsistent Rough Sets.
  • Mikael Nyström (2010), LiU/IMT.
    Enrichment of Terminology Systems for Use and Reuse in Medical Information Systems.
  • (backup) Martin Berzell (2010), LiU/IMH.
    Electronic Healthcare Ontologies - Philosophy, the Real World and IT structures.
  • Jonas Carlsson (2009), LiU/IFM.
    Mutational effects on protein structure and function.
  • Eva Blomqvist (2009), LiU/Jönköping.
    Semi-automatic Ontology Construction based on Patterns.
  • Fredrik Heintz (2009), LiU/IDA.
    DyKnow - A Stream-Based Knowledge Processing Middleware Framework.
  • Andreas Doms (2009), TU Dresden, Germany.
    GoPubMed: Ontology-based literature search.
  • Waclaw Kusnierczyck (2008), NTNU, Trondheim, Norway.
    Augmenting Bioinformatics Research with Biomedical Ontologies.
  • Anders Bresell (2008), LiU/IFM.
    Characterization of protein families, sequence patterns, and functional annotations in large data sets.
  • Thomas Gustafsson (2007), LiU/IDA.
    Management of Real-Time Data Consistency and Transient Overloads in Embedded Systems.
  • Yuxiao Zhao (2005), LiU/IDA.
    Standards-based application integration for bussiness-to-business communications.
  • Håkan Petersson (2003), LiU/IMT.
    On information quality in primary health care registries.
  • Mathias Broxvall (2002), LiU/IDA.
    A study in the computational complexity of temporal reasoning.

Faculty opponent

  • Erik Sundsvall (2011), LiU/IMT, half-way-PhD seminar.
    Information visualization, ontologies and Electronic Health Records.
  • Mikael Nyström (2009), LiU/IMT, half-way-PhD seminar.
    Analyser av medicinska terminologisystem.
  • Marie Gustafsson (2006), Chalmers Tekniska Högskola/Göteborgs universitet, Licentiate.
    Design, development and adoption of ontology-driven clinical software.


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