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I am currently interested in issues related to the Semantic Webs, which includes aspects of Semantic Web, ontologies, databases for different application areas such as the life sciences, materials design, animal health surveillance, crime scene analysis, and sports analytics. My current work is mainly concerned with ontology engineering including ontology alignment and ontology completion and debugging, in which we have done pioneering work. Read more ...

Most of the current work is related to the Semantic Web research group at Linköping University. Some of the current work is in connection to the Data-driven computational materials design (DCMD) group of SeRC, the Swedish e-Science Research Centre.

I am also working in the field of sports analytics (with a special interest in ice hockey-related topics) and chaired the first ice hockey analytics conference in Europe.

Most of my previous work has been in the areas of data integration, knowledge-based information retrieval and knowledge representation. Some of the work was connected to the EU Network of Excellence REWERSE. My book Part-Whole Reasoning in an Object-Centered Framework, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1771, Springer Verlag, 2000, is online at Springer's site.
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For more information see also my annotated bibliography.