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  Research - former projects  

Former own projects

  • Aligning and debugging of Toxontology and Medical Subject Headings for the Swedish National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) (together with J. Laurila Bergman and U Hammerling, Livsmedelsverket, Sweden.)
  • Slicing the scientific literature (together with C. Baker, University of New Brunswick, Canada, and R. Kanagasabai, ASTAR, Singapore).
    Development of a paradigm for literature search that helps users formulate queries and search the scientific literature. The system coordinates ontologies, knowledge representation, text mining and NLP techniques to generate relevant queries in response to keyword input from the user. Queries are presented in natural language, translated to formal query syntax and issued to a knowledge base of scientific literature, documents or aligned document segments.
  • Similarity-based grouping of biological data.
    Development of method for similarity-based grouping of data entries. Development of tool for evaluation of similarity-based grouping strategies (KitEGA). See also KitEGA.
  • Integration of data sources.
    Definiton of requirements for information integration systems for biomedical databases. Development of small prototype integration system (BioTRIFU). Identification of use of ontology-based information for information integration. Development of strategies for identifying similar data entries. See also BioTRIFU and KitEGA.
  • Part-whole reasoning in description logics.
    See my book Part-Whole Reasoning in an Object-Centered Framework, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1771, Springer Verlag, 2000, which is online at Springer's site.
  • Knowledge-based information retrieval.

Former cooperation in projects

  • EU projects
  • Other projects
    • Several computer science education projects (with T Färnqvist, F Heintz, L Mannila, C Wang, L Strömbäck, Y Hoffmann, J Takkinen, M Kamkar, N Shahmehri, J Åberg, U Ouchterlony, M Göthe Lundgren).
    • Storage and querying for archetype-based electronic health record data (with SM Freire, D Teodoro, F Wei-Kleiner, E Sundvall, D Karlsson)
    • Storage, management and integration of molecular interaction data (with L Strömbäck).
    • Gene symbol disambiguation (with H Tan).
    • Capabilities for BDI Agents (with L Padgham).
    • Agent-based framework for integrating workflows and web services (with N Shahmehri and C Åberg).
    • Category-based collusion-resistant key management for multicast (with N Shahmehri and C Duma).
    • Debugging of real-time systems (with F Gielen and M Timmerman).

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