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Division for Software and Systems (SaS)

The division for Software and Systems (SaS) conducts research and education in the following areas:

  • Software Engineering,
  • Programming Models and Environments,
  • Software and System Modeling and Simulation,
  • System Software,
  • Embedded SW/HW Systems,
  • Computer Systems Engineering,
  • Real-Time Systems and System Dependability,
  • Parallel and Distributed Software and Systems,
  • Software and System Verification and Testing.

Nine full professors, eight associate/assistant professors and several postdocs are involved in the research at SaS together with about 25 graduate students.

The undergraduate teaching activities at SaS are jointly carried out by the researchers and by the UPP education group for programming and programming didactics, which consists of about 10 full-time university teachers and many teaching assistants.

The SaS division accounts for a significant share of the department's comprehensive undergraduate and master-level education activities, operating about 70 undergraduate/master-level courses per year as well as providing final-thesis supervision.

The research at SaS covers both basic research and projects in cooperation with industry - projects are or have been conducted in cooperation with ABB Robotics, ABB Industrial Systems, Ericsson Softlab AB, Ericsson Radio Systems, Ericsson Telecom, SKF, Saab, Saab Dynamics, Saab Combitech and several other companies.

The research activities at SaS also include several long-term open-source system development efforts, such as the OpenModelica framework for object-oriented equation-based modeling and simulation of cyberphysical systems, and the SkePU high-level programming framework for heterogeneous parallel systems.

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