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Division for Software and Systems (SaS)


The research at SaS is carried out in its four research labs.

The division research is partly funded from Linköping University and also receives significant contributions from the European Commission, from the Swedish research council, VINNOVA, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, ELLIIT, and from the CENIIT programme at Linköping University.

Nine full professors and 12 associate/assistant professors are involved in the research together with about 25 graduate students.

The research covers both basic research and projects in cooperation with industry - projects that are or have been conducted in cooperation with ABB Robotics, ABB Industrial Systems, Ericsson Softlab AB, Ericsson Radio Systems, Ericsson Telecom, SKF, Saab, Saab Dynamics, Saab Combitech and several other companies.

SaS Research Seminars

The SaS division runs a permanent series of open monthly seminars. These present outstanding research relevant for/done at SaS and include:

  • talks by invited speakers not affiliated with SaS,
  • presentation of research done at SaS.

For the current seminar program see the SaS seminar page.

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