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Division for Software and Systems (SaS)


The SaS division consists of four units: three research labs (PELAB, RTSLAB, ESLAB) and a group of teachers (UPP).

The division is led by the division manager, who is supported by the division executive committee consisting of: the division manager, the unit managers, the manager of the division's undergraduate education, the manager of the SaS seminar series, a representative of the division's PhD students, and the division secretary.

Division Executive Committee

Chairman, head of division: Christoph Kessler
Unit managers: Kristian Sandahl (PELAB),
Simin Nadjm-Tehrani (RTSLAB),
Zebo Peng (ESLAB),
Torbjörn Jonsson (UPP)
Director of undergraduate studies: Ola Leifler
SaS seminar manager: Christoph Kessler
PhD student representative: Rodrigo Saar de Moraes
Secretary: Lene Rosell  

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