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Human-Centered Systems (HCS)

Undergraduate Education

HCS is responsible for undergraduate education in cognitive science, cognitive systems, human computer interaction, language technology, knowledge technology, web programming, interaction design and is also involved in courses within many other areas.

Courses ordered by course code

The list include courses given spring semester 2023 until spring semester 2024. For more information about a course, click the course code.

725G66Programming in C# and the NET Framework, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
729A80Master Thesis, 30 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729G12Distributed and Situated Cognition, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
729G15Cognitive Modelling, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
729G28Web Programming and Databases, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
729G39Cognitive Science Introductory Course, 9 credits (Grundnivå)
729G40Bachelor Thesis in Cognitive Science, 18 credits (Grundnivå)
729G41Capstone Course in Undergraduate Cognitive Science, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
729G46Information Technology and Programming, 12 credits (Grundnivå)
729G49Language and Computers, 9 credits (Grundnivå)
729G78Artificial Intelligence, 9 credits (Grundnivå)
729G81Applied Cognitive Science, 15 credits (Grundnivå)
729G83Cognitive Technology and Artificial Intelligence, 9 credits (Grundnivå)
729G84Humans in Complex Systems, 9 credits (Grundnivå)
729G85Interaction Design and User Experience, 9 credits (Grundnivå)
729G87Interaction Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
729G90Object Oriented Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
732A56Web programming, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732G16Databases: Design and Programming, 7.5 credits (Grundnivå)
769A18Advanced Interaction Design, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A19Human Factors, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A21Cognitive Science - Methods, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A22Risk and Accident Analysis, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A23Thinking with Representations, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A24Advanced Interaction Design, 6 credits (A)
769A25Service Design, Studio Course, 12 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A31Simulators and Simulator Usage, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A32Intelligent Virtual Agents and Social Robots, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A34Interaction Design, studio course, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A36Cognitive Science Project II, 12 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDC73Interaction Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDC77Object Oriented Programming, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD23Design and Programming of Computer Games, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD27Advanced Web Programming, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD49Programming in C# and .NET Framework, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD51Service Design and Innovation, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD53Advanced Interaction Design, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD57Physical Interaction and Game Programming, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD60Interactive Systems, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD80Project: Mobile and Social Applications, 11 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD90Interactive Products, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD97Web Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE03Design Studio II, 12 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE04Introduction to Programming and Computational Thinking, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE20Advanced Project Course - Game, App and Web Development, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE28Contemporary Perspective on Value Creation, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE29Codesign, Tools and Approaches, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE32Professionalism in Computer Science, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE33User Driven Product Development, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE36User Experience and Interaction Design, 12 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE37Studio 2, 12 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE38Thinking with Representations, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE40Transformation for Design, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE42Web Production with Dynamic Layout, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE43Design and Development of Interactive Systems, 12 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE44Introduction to Computer Programming, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE60Humans in Cybersecurity, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDI17Program Development Project, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDI41Introduction to System Administration, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP013Web Programming and Interactivity, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP017Company Project, 10 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP022Interactive Systems, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP024Enterprise Systems, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP026Scientific Method in Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP028Project: Entrepreneurial Programming, 10 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP031Introduction to System Administration, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP032Project: Agile System Development, 10 credits (Grundnivå)
TQPR10Degree project - Bachelor's Thesis, 16 credits (G2)

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