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Interaction and Service Design Research Group (IxS)

The IxS research group studies the applied art of facilitating people's interaction as it is mediated by IT-based products, services, and systems.

At the centre of our work, as in all design work, are human concerns, sketching and expression of ideas, innovation and methodological work. Design is a work process for developing solutions in a reflective and innovative manner, meeting both functional and aesthetic requirements based on the needs of people.

Design and KU at LiU


Mattias Arvola
Johan Blomkvist
Stefan Holmlid
Lisa Malmberg
Mathias Nordvall
Eva L. Ragnemalm
Fabian Segelström
Johan Åberg

Designers in residence

Carmelo Di Stefano
Jenny Johansson

Master students

Jeanette Bendelin
Thea Dahlqvist


Jakob Bandelin
Jody Foo
Annika Silvervarg

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Last updated: 2012-08-25