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TDDD90 Interactive Products

Course information


The student shall develop advanced knowledge in methods and theory for interaction design. After the course, the student shall be able to:
  • Use methods and techniques for concept design and detailed design to define problems and alternative solutions for digital interactive products and services.
  • Give an account of system objectives, and analyse design qualities and user experience for digital interactive products and services.
  • Define purpose, content, and form for digital interactive products and services.
  • Argue for one's interaction design ideas using multimedia, visualisations, or oral and written presentation.
  • Summarise and analyse the meaning of concepts from interaction design and use them to analyse design work.


The course consists of three main assignments. The two first are conducted in groups and the last one is individual. See the document Assignments description, where also literature and examination is described in detail.

Project groups

The groups can be found here.


The following lectures are given during the course:

Teaching sessions

  • 31/8 at 15:15-17 in A32 (Johan Blomkvist)
  • 13/9 at 10:15-12 in A25 (Johan Blomkvist & Ove Jansson)
  • 19/9 at 8:15-10 in P42 (Johan Blomkvist & Ove Jansson)
  • 4/10 at 8:15-10 in A25 (Johan Blomkvist & Ove Jansson)


Instructions about the seminars can be found here, and the seminar groups here.
  • 16/11 at 13:15-17 Group 1-4 in R22, Group 5-8 in R23 - Seminar 1: Paper protoype
  • 7/12 at 13:15-17 Group 1-4 in R34, Group 5-8 in R36 - Seminar 2: Pilot test


  • Assignment 1: 14/9 at 13:15-17 in A25 & A31 (Johan Blomkvist & Ove Jansson)
  • Assignment 2: 5/10 at 13:15-15 in A34 & A32 (Johan Blomkvist & Ove Jansson)

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