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TDDD23 Design and Programming of Computer Games (6 ECTS)

LiUGA Finalists 2023

Winner - Always with you - Jérémy Pucci

Secodn Place - Slugs And Shell: UNLEASHED - Victor Persson, Emil Wik

Third place - One and the Same - Fabian Johansson, Martin Högstedt, Elias Johansson

The Heist Maestro - Ludvig Hillert, Victor Imark

The Midnight Zone - Arlo Jones, Kristofer Köehn

>Rac-coop - Philipp Rapp

Thunder Dome: Metal Mayhem - Jonathan Carlsson, Henrik Gustafsson

MECHAHIVE - Lucas Jonsson

Arcade Haven - Julian Voith

Elangui Escape - Simon Malm

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Last updated: 2023-11-27