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Laboratory 2 - Interaction


The interaction is the part of application that enables information exchange between the user and the system.Information exchanges does not only occur between the user and the system but also between components within the application. In this exercise, select one of the 3 frameworks you used in Laboratory 1. You will be working with:

  • Advanced layout with overlapping components
  • Form management and validation
  • Listeners and events
Android gives you multiple options on how to create fworking user interfaces.In this lab, you should choose one of the framework you used in Laboratory 1.


You should recreate the following application for Android.(You do not need to implement all animations)


Executable version (you may reuse the logic)
Pictures to use to the card
Information about credit cards and numbers

Reporting your work

Demonstrate your application for the lab assistant, the assistant can ask you explain parts of the code.The assistant tells you how they wants you to submit your code.


Android development (good starting point)
Layout in android
Flexbox Froggy: learn Flexbox

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