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Modelica research at PELAB

Modelica is a language for modeling and simulation of physical processes.

Programming Environments Laboratory (PELAB) led by Prof. Peter Fritzson performs research in several aspects related to this language.

Books, overview papers, and links

What is Modelica ?

Modelica is a new language for hierarchical object-oriented physical modeling which is developed through an international effort (www.modelica.org).

The language unifies and generalizes previous object-oriented modeling languages (e.g. Dymola, ObjectMath, Omola, Smile, etc.).

Modelica is intended to become a de facto standard.

The language has been designed to allow tools to generate efficient simulation code automatically with the main objective to facilitate exchange of models, model libraries and simulation specifications. It allows defining simulation models modularly and hierarchically and combining various formalisms expressible in the more general Modelica formalism. The multidomain capability of Modelica gives the user the possibility to combine electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, thermodynamic etc, model components within the same application model.

OpenModelica Tool

Visit the OpenModelica page for download and more information.

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Last updated: 2015-04-02