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Distributed Simulation on Windows/UNIX cluster

  • The main computer distributes the queue consisting of many batch simulation to the members of the cluster. The cluster contains arbitrarily connected to the Internet Windows, Linux and Solaris computers.
  • CORBA is used for network communication.
  • Designed for Modelica simulations, but can be used for arbitrary executable files.

  • See Distributed Simulation Environment by Vadim Engelson and Peter Fritzson, Proceedings of SIMS 2002 conference, 26-27 September 2002, Oulu, Finland. .
  • Supported by RealSim (EC)  project,
  • Download: Complete implementation with source code and detailed documentation is available for download for free, for non-commercial use. To get a download URL please write an email to Vadim Engelson, vaden@ida.liu.se and describe your application.

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