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Senior researchers

  • Peter Fritzson, language design
  • Peter Bunus, Debugging and Static Analysis of Equation Systems in Modelica. Discrete Event System simulation in Modelica. Mechanical Desktop to Modelica translation.
  • Olof Johansson, databases and product models
  • Dag Fritzson, high performance simulation of mechanical contacts

Graduate students

Master students

  • ***, Code generation for .NET framework.

Previous members and students:

  • Vadim Engelson, CAD and visualization, static analysis
  • Karl Mårtensson, Visualization of Modelica simulations at Virtual Reality Theatre (apring 2004)
  • Tommy Persson , tompe@ida.liu.se (simulation environments)
  • Henrik Nilsson , henni@ida.liu.se (language design)
  • Johan Parmar, x98johpa@ida.liu.se (design of helicopter model)
  • Håkan Larsson (Lundvall), x98johpa@ida.liu.se (CAD - to - Modelica converter)
  • Daniel Larsson, danla603@student.liu.se (Modelica - to VRML visualizer)
  • Andreas Gustafsson, andgu498@student.liu.se (Modelica - to Cult3D visualizer)
  • Pontus Lidman, (integrated design environments)
  • Henrik Johansson, (Cult3D and Mathematica integration)
  • David Kågedal, x97davka@ida.liu.se (Formal static semantics of Modelica)
  • Alexandar Bogdanovski, Integration of mechanical simulation tools
  • Henrik Magnusson, visualization of mechanical simulations from Modelica using Cult3D and other 3D web formats. (February - June 2002)
  • Daniel Hedberg, Open Modelica Editor. (September 2002).
  • Lucian Popescu, translation from Mechanical Desktop to Modelica (Spring 2002).
  • Viktoria Poszluk, connection editor for Open Source Modelica (April-August 2002).
  • Kaj Nyström, optimizing translator of Modelica equations to imperative code (June 2002).
  • Eva-Lena Lengquist Sandelin and Susanna Monemar, DrModelica, which is a teaching material for Modelica. DrModelica is a supplement to the book "Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica" by Professor Peter Fritzon

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