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Courses lead and examined by UPP-group members

TDDD38   Avanced Programming in C++
TDDI04   Concurrent Programming, Operating Systems and Real-Time Operating Systems
TDDI16   Data Structures and Algorithms
TDDC32   Design and Implementation of a Software Module in Java
TDDI11   Embedded software
TDDC68   Imperative Programming and Ada
TDDD11   Introduction to Programming
TDDB18   Introduction to Programming in Ada
TDP015   Mathematics
TDDI14   Object-Oriented Programming
TDP004   Object-Oriented Programming
TDDI02   Program Development Project
TDDC97   Programming
TDDD33   Programming
TDDC76   Programming and Data Structures
TDDB53   Programming in Ada
725G67   Programming in C++
TDIU01   Programming in C++, basic course
725G63   Programming in Java, Data Structures and Algorithms
TDDC30   Programming in Java, Data Structures and Algorithms
TDDD34   Programming with Applications in Engineering
TDDD44   Programming with Applications in Engineering
TDIU04   Programming with C++ Standard Library

Other courses where UPP-group members teach

TDDB44   Compiler Construction
TDDD55   Compilers and Interpreters
TDDC66   Computer Systems and Programmering
TDDD14   Formal Languages and Automata Theory
TDDC64   Programming in Python
TDDC36   Logic
TDDD47   Programming Theory
TDDD09   Software Engineering Project

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