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TDDD38 Advanced Programming in C++ (6 ECTS)

Course content is found on the lectures page.

This is an advanced course on the programming language C++. The course is given twice a year, autumn and spring, and runs the whole semesters.

Please note, late registration is handled by the course's director of studies (studierektor). See the following page.
Please remember that you'll still have to register for the course in the student portal after you have been accepted.

Latest News...

2021‑09‑08  Seminar 1

Welcome to the first seminar at 13:15-15:00 today! The seminar is given in this Zoom room:


Meeting ID: 672 5455 1462
Passcode: 232060

This seminar will contain a lot of polls through Zoom, so be ready for that! If you have any questions you can write them in the chat or use the "Raise Hand" feature and I'll acknowledge you when you can ask your question through a microphone.

Please contact me (christoffer.holm@liu.se) if you didn't get an E-mail with this Zoom link.

2021‑09‑01  Welcome to the introduction lecture

The first lecture is given 2021-09-01 at 13:15 to 15:00. This lecture will cover some course information, followed by a very basic introduction to C++ for those who've never programmed in C++ before.

The lecture is given in the following Zoom room:
Meeting ID: 697 9887 8027
Passcode: 211950

If you have questions during the lecture you can either write them in the chat, or you can use the "Raise Hand" feature in Zoom and I will give you the go-ahead to ask your question via microphone.

Please contact me (christoffer.holm@liu.se) if you didn't get an E-mail with this Zoom link 15 minutes before the lecture's start.

2021‑08‑31  Welcome to the course

The course webpage should be mostly ready for a new term. Material will be added to the course webpage as the course progresses.

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