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TDDD38 Advanced Programming in C++ (6 ECTS)

Course content is found on the lectures page.

This is an advanced course on the programming language C++. The course is given twice a year, autumn and spring, and runs the whole semesters.

Please note, late registration is handled by the course's director of studies (studierektor). See the following page.
Please remember that you'll still have to register for the course in the student portal after you have been accepted.

Latest News...

2023‑08‑21  Welcome to the course

The website is currently being updated for autumn 2023

2023‑05‑08  Regarding DAT1 & DAT2

Some of you might have noticed that there are two exams for this course (DAT1 and DAT2). If you are registered to the current term then you should register for DAT2. If you are a returning student who took the course before spring 2023 then you should register to DAT1.

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