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TDDD38 Advanced Programming in C++ (6 ECTS)

Course content is found on the lectures page.

This is an advanced course on the programming language C++. The course is given twice a year, autumn and spring, and runs the whole semesters.

Please note, late registration is handled by the course's director of studies (studierektor). See the following page.
Please remember that you'll still have to register for the course in the student portal after you have been accepted.

Latest News...

2022‑08‑25  First lecture moved.

Due to scheduling issues we had to move the first lecture to 2022-08-31 at 17:15-19:00 in A2. This was unfortunately the only time during the whole week that we could book a room big enough to fit all students.

2022‑08‑15  Welcome to the course!

The course website is now mainly up to date for HT22. More information will be posted on the website as the course progresses. Specifically we will publish more information about the Optional Midterm Test ("Dugga" in Swedish) when the exact format has been decided.

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