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TDDD38 Advanced Programming in C++

Office Hours

In the schedule for the course there are every week around two 2-hour "Office Hours" sessions booked. During these sessions you can have discussions with the teacher of the course. This is a resource to aid your learning: here you can ask questions about the course, C++ or programming in general.

These sessions are optional to attend, and there is no material prepared by the teacher. Instead it is a resource you can use. So make sure to use it.

You can either come to the teachers office, or join a Zoom call during these sessions:

Office hours will be given exclusively through Zoom until further notice
Building B, entrance 29B, floor 3, Corridor B, room 3D:437

Zoom invite
Meeting ID: 658 0084 0424
Passcode: 490181

Page responsible: Christoffer Holm
Last updated: 2021-11-03