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TDDD38 Advanced Programming in C++ (6 ECTS)

This is an advanced course on the programming language C++. The course is given twice a year, autumn and spring, and runs the whole semesters.

Please note, late registration is handled by the course's director of studies (studierektor). See the contact page in the menu to find the current director of studies and contact that person using the form here: Swedish students | Master / exchange students
Please remember that you'll still have to register for the course in the student portal after you have been accepted.

Latest News...

18 May  Proposals to later standards

The slides from today's lecture can be found here

21 Feb  The standard as HTML

I have now compiled the standard PDF (N4659, draft C++17) as HTML. The root can be found at ISOCPP. I will modify the links at the concept page and link to this site in the future.

Jan 15  Welcome to the course

The course webpage should be mostly ready for a new term. The materials-section will be updated continuously (mirrors the course GitLab group)

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