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List of Game Platforms

In this course you can choose freely what game tech. - as long as it is a dedicated gaming platform, i.e. not simply a programming language standard library or a pure media or 3D-platform. Depending on your game project, you need things like scene management, collision handing, sprite or 3D model handling with animation support, physics engines, AI and so forth. Implementing these things yourself is not really an option and learning about such systems is the techichal literatur for the course. Reusing technologies is something valued in the course - though there are limits to how much you can release. I can guarantee you that in 95% of the cases you will get much further if you spend some time educating yourself on your game tech.

We will support with assistants for phaser.io, libGDX, unity, and Game Maker.

Our assistants, Fredrik and David are also good programmers that will help out to the extent of their knowledge. Help can be gotten at office hours only - please accept this limitation.

Some additional - but just a start

  • libGDX
  • MonoGame - C#
  • cocos2d - Lua, JavaScript C++
  • Haxe Fixel - HAXE -open source Flash langauge
  • Adobes efforts on Gaming Flash, port to native, - a lot is avaliable
  • Construct 2 HTML5 point and click
  • Panda 3D Python
  • PygamePython
  • Blender 3D, also a game engine, python scripting
  • Corona Lua
  • Play Canvas - JavaScript 3D
  • Search at Indie Engines DB - but some things are really old so look closelly at the results.
  • Or check out this list :)

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