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TDDD23 Design and Programming of Computer Games

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28/9  Individual oral presentation.

20 minutes oral examination. Prepare to show how you've addressed the course goals of technical experience and design experience in : focus, progression & variation and in-game tutoring in your project. Examinations in the the order of the webreg-list. Remember it starts .00 sharp. Register here. Location: the examiners office.

14/9  Register for seminar. Remember - only one registration per team!

Register here on webreg for seminar. Location is in the course schema on timeedit. You may need to update.

14/9  Box upload widget

You can now upload to the handin folder on Box. Make sure you add your student_id in the file names (upload game code with zip and include textfile with screencast URL in that file). Allwasy use your student-email and not your nice and useful real email that doesnt identify you as a student at LiU.

4/8  Access to box

First batch of box-invites was sent out today. You should also be able to access box-folders via https://app.box.com/files.

4/8  Make sure you register in webreg.

26/8  Pages have been revised for 2015.

Minimal additions and checks. The course has the same procedure as last year :)

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