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TDDD23 Design and Programming of Computer Games

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23/10  LiUGA 2013 hand-in.

The course has a deadline for the 25:th for the final game and screen cast. This is for being examined in the course and follows previous lines.

The deadline to LiU Game Award which is open to all student you have until the 30/10 to hand in an improved screen cast as a submission for the competition. We will still look through the handed in screen-casts for the first round of qualifications before submitting to the industry jurry but you will have time to improve on your screen cast and submit a new version. You can then submitt to me a link by email or to Tomas as announced.

16/10  Final hand in.

Final handin: zip-file with game source code, a text-file with a URL to your screencast and optinally adding what you feel might be difficult to see from your code and screen casts. Dscibe what substantial code you've reused. Uplaod to the box-account you've been invited to. This should be handed in on the 25th of October.

14/10  Book your oral examination.

20 minutes per individual. (You'll have to calculate your time-slot). Examination will be in the lab with Samuel or in Erik’s office. Find your spot and come show us what you've built and will be handing in on Friday the 25:th. Since some of you will come Monday you will still have almost a week to improve from that session.

14/10  New Lecture !!! On screen casts, desura.com and blocksworld

On Friday October 18 at 13-15 in BL32 we will have a lecture on screencasts desura.com and Blocksworld from Tomas Ahlström as a guest speaker - don't miss that to learn how to do a really impressive screen cast and find out more about the game deployment at desura.com.

07/10  LiU Game Awards date set 7 November.

Very interesting speakers this year: "Talare som är klara i nuläget: Tomas Ahlström, Linden Lab & Desura.com - "Blocksworld: From concept to exit in 12 months" Jonas Skantz, DICE Frostbyte team. Hampus Bankler, Rovio - "Get a job in the game industry!" John Hargelix, Paradox Interactive - "How to be creative while keeping deadlines" (John leder Paradox North-teamet (Magicka Wizard Wars) och har tidigare erfarenhet från DICE och Wooga) Rolf Jansson, Code Club - "Sandbox MMO Crash Course - the Technology behind Wurm Online" Make sure you sign up early.

24/09  About Task 2.

I have now gone though all the game plans in the projects and one common feedback I've given in many, many cases is to focus in on more specific core game play. The reason for this is twofold: (1) Risk management - that you get something that you can finish in time before adding more stuff. Building the basics can take a lot of time. (2) Idea development - ideas that are focused tend in my experience to evolve more during development than unfocused ideas where multiple features or game play mechanisms are combined.

Such comments that I've given is often intended to help you aim for one thing and pull the trigger on that but in that I'm also trying to get you to think further and develop that core idea further to reach for a version 1.2 of your ideas as you go along.

Now you should be getting into having learnt your underlying platform and start getting a basic playable shell up. For the next task you need to revisit the videos and literature on the course homepage Literature page to plan your progression and in-game tutoring for your game. Make sure you understand these concepts - because your projects are required to address both. NAtrually, in a game project with a trivial progression and in-game tutoring approach which may be the case for games, for instance, with one-button press controls and increased game-speed or something else similar to tetris - requirements on perfection and completeness goes up. Of course, these design-critera are related to what's good for your game project and not to some holy principle.

23/09  Moved deadline: Task 3: Game Progression and In-Game Tutoring Plan. Deadline: October 4.

04/09  Though I'd show the prize being handed out on the last lecture but for which the final deadline is on Friday at 13. Now, this might backfire because it might actually make you less interested in playing ;)!

03/09  I'm gona play Go Supernova on Friday!

You can now register for the course to pass activities and so forth. Go to webreg to sign up and then we can start checking that you've handed things in. Remember we'll keep track of the handin of reports and so forth but the actual grading in the course is based on the final game project and the oral examination.

The minimal requirement for Go Supernova is playing the first level but I think in hindsite it should have been 2 levels in the forst solar system. To get a valuable experience out of it you actually have to also play the second level. The first level got a little smaller just before we freezed this release.

Highscores for the competition will be awarded for the single highest high-score acquired. The game actually keeps track of individual high scores per level in the solar system.

02/09 2013  Course set - first lecture at 10 C3

List of tasks set.

05/08 2013  Course pages under revision for 2013.

Things might change until course start but there will be no major changes.

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