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TDDD23 Design and Programming of Computer Games (6 ECTS)

2016 LiUGA Finalists are

Winner ... Radical Rabbit Stew, Iliyas Jorio

Second place ... A Writer And His Daughter, Mikael Lindhe, Fredrik Selldén, Ellinor Morén, Sven Thole

Third place ... Jochen Defense, Daniel Gustafsson, Daniel Johannesson, Ivar Grahn

Planetary Dustoff, Albin Odervall, Philip Montalvo

Chicken Boom, Filip Asp, Henning Hall, Elias Kärnsund

Robot and Rocks, Axel Brinkeby

Kliniken, David Lindqvist, Max Halldén, Fredrik Präntare

Garden, Jesper Tingvall, Niklas Wahlström, Gustaf Hendeby, Fredrik Gustafsson

I-Mag, Henrik Ottosson

As allwasy, a lot of worthy contributions didn't make it to the list :(

Latest News...

13/10  Handin widget is public on the upload webpage.

Course upload widget for final hand-in

13/10  Location for oral exam

For groups with Erik its here and for Dennis the office to the right of Eriks: Location for exams
Times for exmamination follows this pattern: place in webreg list - time slot

        1 - 8.00
        2 - 8.20
        3 - 8.40

4 - 9.00 5 - 9.20 6 - 9.40

7 - 10.00 8 - 10.20 9 - 10.40

10 - 11.00 11 - 11.20 12 - 11.40

13 - 13.00 14 - 13.20 15 - 13.40

16 - 14.00 17 - 14.20 18 - 14.40

20/9  Signup for individual oral examination.

Signup oral examination here

        The times are for 20 minutes in order of signup which means
        1: member at 8.-00-8.20
        2: member 8.20-8.40 and so on
        Times between 8-12, 13-15 sharp.

The may be some delays because of the tight process some maker sure you have some room in your calendar before you have to be somewhere else.

16/9  Signup for project seminars is open.

Signup here

29/8  Course Pages complete for 2016

Dates and content set.

This course is about learning about game-programing frameworks and game-related design/usability. You may choose what freely your game-development software (assistance 2016 for libGDX, Unity and phaser.io). A medial library + physics framework is also OK. Click Click here for a: non-complete list of relevant game tech..

You must be able to demonstrate the games at IDA (perhaps on your own machine).

Staff will be available primarily at scheduled times for office-hour assistance. This means that you can come to our offices to discuss problems and request help. Times are posted in Timeedit as Supervision. For Norrk�ping students (and in special cases) Skype meetings can be scheduled in advance during these times.

Your will be required to:

  • hand in a game plan for feedback,
  • present your project at a 2-hour seminar,
  • hand in your playable game,
  • hand in a screen-cast presentation of your game,
  • perform an individual oral examination, explaining how your project meets the learning criteria for technology and design.

LIU GAME CONFERENCE 2016 will be held the 10:th of November, week 45, and include LiU GAME AWARD. This event is mixed Swedish and English, depending on speaker preference. Not strictly par of the course, but fun and relevant for students of this course.

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