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TDDD23 Design and Programming of Computer Games (6 ECTS)

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13/08  Sign upp in webreg : https://www.ida.liu.se/webreg3/TDDD23-2014-1/TDDD23%202014

In the course you are free to use different game-development software. Assistance will be provided for libGDX, phaser.io and XNA Game Studio + Farseer Physics (or Box2D) - monogame.net. Central to choosing a development platform is that it is dedicated to game development and not simply a graphical or UI engine/tool. A media library paired with a physics engine is ok. Click here for a: non-complete list of relevant game engines and tools.

Make sure you are able demonstrate the game at IDA (but perhaps on your own machine).

In 2014 we'll bring back project descriptinos and game-testing seminars. Last years course showed you need this.

Staff will be available at scheduled times for office-hour assistance. This means that you can come to our offices to discuss problems and request help - but please respect these time limitations. Times are posted on the course web site here. For Norrköping students (and in special cases) a meeting using Skype can be scheduled in advance during these times.

Your will be required to:

  • hand in a game project plan for feedback,
  • present at a 2-hour game seminar and explain central pieces of code
  • hand in a playable game,
  • hand in a screen-cast presentation of your game,
  • perform an individual oral examination.

Liu Game Awards 2014 will be held in week 45 and hopefully create interesting opportunities for you to meet local and national industry.

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