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Muddy Card Evaluation

Report for TDDC88 and TDDC93

In general the muddy card evaluation didn't point out any weak point with the course, and we received several positive comments. The critical comments we received from more than 2 students were:

1. Bad flow in lecturing in English. Aseel seems unprepared.

2. Too theoretical, practical examples needed.

3. The lecture exercises are hard to understand and perform.

Kristian's comments:

1. Yes we know. The seminar part at very day of the muddy-card evaluation was not well performed. One reason was that we had not had the opportunity to communicate in beforehand. We have discussed this several times.

2. Yes, this is a theory course and serves as a preparation for project courses. We do explain most concepts with examples. Hopefully the guest lectures have given you more inspiration from the practical work of Software Engineering professionals.

3. I always answer mails about the exercises promplty, even at a Saturday night. You might also have noticed that I started giving some clarification about the lecture exercises. I hope this improved the situation for lecture 4 and 5.