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TDDD56 Multicore and GPU programming

Information page for the CPU and GPU lab work and lessons

Lab Series

Please register for the labs via webreg by friday 3/11/2023. Webreg will be opened at course start.

Presence in lab sessions is mandatory.

Lab deadlines

CPU-labs (Labs 1, 2, 3): last CPU lab session of your group, 22/24 nov 2023 (soft deadline), 14 dec 2023 10:00 (hard deadline)
GPU-labs (Labs 4, 5, 6): last GPU lab session of your group (13/14 dec 2023)

Slides and general info

Download the slides of lesson 1. (last updated 2023-11-03)

Download the slides of lesson 2. (last updated 2023-11-14)

Getting started with tools used in laboratories

Lab0: Introduction to C and the pthread API

A quick introduction by example to C syntax, data type and their use, functions, modules, as well as spawning and waiting for threads. Find another introduction from former Lab 0 of the course "Concurrent programming and Operating Systems" (TDDB68), which include more C-related issues such as pointer management.

[source files]

Lab work

[Helper function for computing time spans]

Lab1: The Mandelbrot set and load balancing

Parallelize a generator of visual representation of the Mandelbrot set, fractals, observe load-balancing issues and implement a solution to them.

[source files] (Last updated 2018-11-12, no changes for 2023)

[instructions] (Last updated 2020-11-10)


Lab2: Non-blocking stack

Implement and measure the performance of a non-blocking, Treiber stack

[source files] (Last updated 2018-11-16, no changes for 2023)

[instructions] (Last updated 2020-11-18)

Lab3: High-level parallel programming

Try out high-level parallel programming with the data-parallel SkePU skeleton programming framework. Use the skeletons to implement image filters, including a median blur filter.

[source files] (Last updated 2022-11-17)

[instructions] (Last updated 2020-11-25)

[SkePU user guide] (2020)

[slides] (Last updated 2023-11-14)

Lab 4: CUDA 1

Lab material (from ISY)

Lab 5: CUDA 2

Lab material (from ISY)

Lab 6: OpenCL

Lab material (from ISY)

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