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TDDD56 Multicore and GPU Programming

Timetable and Lecture Plan


Schedule (as available on the LiU schedule server)

Lecture/Lesson Plan

Certain lecture notes and other handouts with restricted access are located here.
The lecture notes and other material may be updated during the course as appropriate.

Lecturers: Christoph Kessler (CK), Ingemar Ragnemalm (IR).
Assistants: Sehrish Qummar (SQ), Sajad Khosravi (SK), Ingemar Ragnemalm (IR)

Those lectures marked by asterisks overlap fully (**) or partly (*) with similar lectures in TDDC78 Programming of Parallel Computers - Methods and Tools. These lectures are optional for those who have already taken TDDC78, but might be a useful repetition anyway. This repetition of the common core topics is necessary to allow you to take the courses individually or in arbitrary order.

All lecture slides can be found here.

Lab schedule

We have two lab passes, see the schedule.
During each lab pass there are 2 lab groups in parallel.

  • Group_A (A1, A2): up to 32 students in total, room Olympen,
    jointly supervised by Sehrish Qummar (SQ) and Sajad Khosravi (SK) (CPU labs v45-47),
    and by Ingemar Ragnemalm (IR) and Sajad Khosravi (SK) (GPU labs v48-50).
  • Group_B (B1, B2): up to 32 students, room Olympen,
    jointly supervised by Sehrish Qummar (SQ) and Sajad Khosravi (SK) (CPU+GPU v45-50).

Remarks: Groups in pass A are recommended for Norrköping-based students (mostly wednesday afternoons 13-17).

Find a lab mate and register for one of these groups in webreg by friday in the first week, thereafter remaining places will be given to the persons on the waiting list. The maximum course capacity is 64 students.
We reserve us for merging singleton groups and migrating teams between groups/passes as necessary in order to balance the groups.

Presence in the lab sessions is mandatory.


see the lab page.

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Last updated: 2023-11-14