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TDDD56 Multicore and GPU Programming

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28/01/2019  Tentavisning/exam review 4 feb 2019 12:00-12:30

The result of the exam of 11 january is reported and the participants have received the automatic notification from Ladok today.
We will have an exam review session (tentavisning) on monday 4 feb 2019 12:00-12:30 in room Donald Knuth. Use this opportunity to inspect your exam and ask us about the correction. Thereafter, the exams will be archived in the IDA student expedition (E-house, entry 27 west, upper floor).

22/11/2018  Mid-term evaluation report

The report on the mid-term evaluation with muddy-cards of 16 november is now available.

16/11/2018  Theory compendium now available

The compendium covering lectures 5-7 on the design and analysis of parallel algorithms is now available on the handouts page.

13/11/2018  First lab session for Groups A* on 14/11

The labs start this week and the first lab session in each pass (A, B) will contain a short lab introduction in the beginning, to be given in the main lab room (SoB-labbet). Students assigned to group A1a (Multicore Lab) please also come initially to the SoB lab for this introduction.

07/11/2018  Additional lab room / group in preparation

Good news: We are working on getting another lab room for up to 16 students available during the lab pass A (wednesdays 13-17). Those machines are older and have only 6 cores but should be fine for the purpose of our course (they had been used in our course in previous years).
If this works, we can admit all who got registered after 22 august plus quite many candidates from the waiting list.
The new lab group structure (which involves a fifth lab group now) is shown on the timetable page under Lab schedule. A final decision about admission will be sent out on sunday 11/11.

06/09/2018  Lecture of 19/11/2018 rescheduled to 15/11/2018

The lecture of monday 19/11 08:00-10:00 has been rescheduled to thursday 15/11 10:00-12:00, see the course schedule in Timeedit.

06/09/2018  First lecture on 5/11/2018

The first lecture will be on monday 05 november 2018 at 08:15, room U1.

22/08/2018  Course HT2018 is fully booked

Currently, the course for autumn 2018 is full.
If you are not yet registered but interested to attend, you can enter the waiting queue by sending an email to me. This means that you will start attending the lectures and, after the first week, you may be allowed to sign up for the labs (and the course) if a spot becomes available (as someone else who had registered decides not to take the labs).
Unregistered students are welcome to attend the lectures, but the lessons and lab sessions are reserved for the registered participants, for whom attendance is mandatory.
Students who registered earlier but no longer want to take the course please deregister so that someone else can take your place.

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