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TDDC78 (vt2/2020)

Programming of parallel computers - methods and tools

"Students graduating with a competence in engineering software for parallel systems
will have a distinct advantage in the work force over those who do not."

--- M. Oskin, The Revolution Inside the Box, Comm. ACM 51(7), July 2008

Announcements 2020

  • In case you want to read up on pthreads: a pthreads tutorial is linked from the literature page, and the pthreads review slides from TDDD56 are now added to the handouts page.

  • Webreg is now open

  • Distance Teaching Mode: Following LiUs recommended measurements for managing the Corona virus pandemic, also TDDC78 (spring 2020) will switch to distance teaching mode at least for the first weeks of the course.
    Lectures and lessons will be given via Zoom. The Zoom links for the different lectures, lessons and labs are sent to registered course participants via email. Further information on distance lectures and labs can be found on this page.
    In order to be able to do the labs from at home, please make sure that you have an updated ssh client installed on your laptop so you can log in to the Sigma supercomputer at NSC remotely (as you also would do from the IDA SU lab computers in normal mode).
    Note that Thinlinc or VPN might not work, as their available capacity at LiU is close to max already; LiU-IT is working on that.

  • Make sure that you are properly registered on the course.
    Note that lecture notes will be made available electronically to registered participants only, and the NSC lab computers will only be accessible to registered participants.
    If you forgot to register, please contact the studierektor Ola Leifler immediately.
    It is not possible to jump on the course after the first week.

  • The web pages are being updated for 2020.


The laborations in this course are performed on resources provided by the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) at National Supercomputing Centre (NSC) Linköping.

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