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TDDC78 (vt2/2022)

Programming of parallel computers - methods and tools

"Students graduating with a competence in engineering software for parallel systems
will have a distinct advantage in the work force over those who do not."

--- M. Oskin, The Revolution Inside the Box, Comm. ACM 51(7), July 2008

Announcements 2022

  • Exam review opportunity/tentavisning
    The result of the exam in TDDC78 of 2022-06-02 has been reported to Ladok on 16/6. You should receive an automatic notification about your result in the next days.
    We have scheduled an exam review opportunity/tentavisning for thursday 23 june 12:30-13:00 in room Donald Knuth, IDA, where you can inspect your exam and ask questions about your exam correction to the correcting assistants or the examinator. Thereafter, the exams will be archived in the IDA student expedition in the E-house, upper floor.

  • No lecture on friday 13/5
    We got through with all lectures on time this year, so the reserve slot on friday 13/5 (08-10) is not needed any more. I will be available in my office (B 3B:474) 13/5 09:15-10:00 if there are any questions regarding the course.

  • 4 PhD positions and one tekniker position available in a new research project partly related to TDDC78/TDDD56
    Interested in doing a PhD about self-adaptive software, edge computing and networks of heterogeneous parallel systems?
    About high-level programming and software synthesis?
    About distributed service orchestration, security, performance and energy efficiency in the heterogeneous device-edge-cloud-continuum?
    About industrial use cases in wireless communication, energy, aviation, and automotive domain?
    If you know someone who could be interested, please forward this announcement (application deadline 27/5).
    In the same project there is also a (full-time or part-time) tekniker position available. This could be suitably combined with a part-time master thesis project in the same area. If you know someone who could be interested, please forward this announcement (application deadline 31/5).

  • Webreg for 2022 is now open

  • Pthreads reading material:
    In case you want to read up on pthreads: a pthreads tutorial is linked from the course literature page, and the pthreads review slides from TDDD56 are available on the handouts page.

  • Make sure that you are properly registered on the course.
    Note that lecture notes will be made available electronically to registered participants only, and the NSC lab computers will only be accessible to registered participants.
    If you forgot to register, please contact the studierektor Martin Sjölund immediately.
    It is not possible to jump on the course after the first week.

  • The web pages are being updated for 2022.


The laborations in this course are performed on resources provided by the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) at National Supercomputing Centre (NSC) Linköping.

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