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TDDC78 (vt2/2023)

Programming of parallel computers - methods and tools

"Students graduating with a competence in engineering software for parallel systems
will have a distinct advantage in the work force over those who do not."

--- M. Oskin, The Revolution Inside the Box, Comm. ACM 51(7), July 2008

Announcements 2023

  • Due to bureaucratic reasons, the course code needs to be changed for 2024, from TDDC78 to TDDE65. Nothing else has changed. The course web pages will move to https://www.ida.liu.se/~TDDE65 in early 2024.

  • Exam result reported
    An exam review (tentavisning) for the main exam (1/6/2023) has been scheduled for thursday 22/6 12:30-13:00 in SaS meeting room 2, opposite my office B 3B:474. All participants of the exam have been notified directly.
  • Research project assistant position available
    We are recruiting 1-2 student assistants 20%-50% in a new research project in distributed, parallel and heterogeneous computing for the edge/cloud continuum. The work could be suitably combined with an internal master thesis project in the same topic area.
    More information and application link: Utlysning / Announcement (Deadline 6 August 2023)
  • Extra lab demonstration opportunity 23/5 10:15
    We have scheduled an extra lab demonstration opportunity for tuesday 23/5 10:15 in room SU24, see also TimeEdit.
    This opportunity is ONLY for final lab demonstrations, not for supervision.
    Eligible are students from both group A and group B who have passed at least two of the four labs and thus have at most two labs left to demonstrate (both on that day).

    NB do not forget the exam registration deadline (22/5).

  • Mid-term evaluation report available:
    The report on the mid-term evaluation of 19/4/2023 is now available here.

  • Pthreads reading material:
    In case you want to read up on pthreads: a pthreads tutorial is linked from the course literature page, and the pthreads review slides from TDDD56 are available on the handouts page.

  • Make sure that you are properly registered on the course.
    Note that lecture notes will be made available electronically to registered participants only, and the NSC lab computers will only be accessible to registered participants.
    If you forgot to register, please contact the studierektor Martin Sjölund immediately.
    It is not possible to jump on the course after the first week.

  • The course web pages are being updated for 2023.


The laborations in this course are performed on resources provided by National Supercomputing Centre (NSC) Linköping.

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