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TDDD04 Software Testing


Starting from Fall 2020, the course grade is set based on labs and there is no written examination. Each lab contains a mandatory part that needs to be completed to pass the course and an optional part that can be completed for a higher grade.

Grading criteria

The overall grade of the entire 6hp course is based on the 6 lab assignements 3, 4 and 5.

To get grade 3 you must:

  • Complete all the mandatory parts of the lab assignements and submit them before the final deadline
  • Fulfill the passing requirements for all the labs
  • Demonstrate your work during the demonstration session

To get grade 4 or 5 you must:

  • Submit all the assignements on time.
  • Fulfill the passing requirements for all the labs
  • Complete the optional part of the labs

Some important remarks :

  • Labs submitted after the deadline will be graded 3 at most
  • The optional parts will be graded on the quality and suitability of the examples choses as well as on the explanations themselves (eg: an example that is too trivial but correct might get 4, not a 5)
  • The final course grade is calculated based on the average grade of all the labs
  • Labs submitted after the final deadline will be graded in January
  • all the deadlines can be found here.


For labs submitted in time, feedback will be provided within 2 weeks on whether the lab requires additional work to get the passing grade. The lab can then be re-submitted before the final deadline for the lab submission. Labs that require completion get at most a 3.


Just to avoid misunderstandings: The solutions to the labs have to be created by each student pair alone. You can discuss principles with other students, but no copying of code between other students or from external sources is allowed. The lab reports have to be written in pairs or individually (depending on the lab instructions) by the course participants. The same applies to the reports: you have to write the text yourselves. You can discuss on a principal level, but make your individual reflections and analysis. If you are the least hesitant, ask a teacher of the course. Linköping University takes attempts on cheating seriously.

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Last updated: 2022-08-22