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TDDD04 Software Testing (6 ECTS)

HT1 2019

Software Testing

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Latest News...

Feb 6, 2017  Re-exams graded

The re-exams in January have now been graded. Solutions are posted and there will be a Q and A on the grading Wednesday, February 8 12-13 in SaS grupprum 2.

Oct 18, 2016  Deadline for labs: Oct 28

The timetable page now describes that the last date submitting results from the lab series is October 28.

Oct 13, 2016  Lecture slides posted

Slides for the lectures on agile testing, Model-based testing at Spotify and System-level testing have now been posted to the lectures page.

Sept 27, 2016  Lecture slides posted

Lecture slides for the lecture on test planning and software anomalies has been uploaded.

Sept 13, 2016  Reading material updated, guest lecture

Reading material for the lectures on Symbolic Execution and Current Research have been updated.

Aug 31, 2016  Lecture 1 & 2 slides uploaded

The slides from lecture 1 and 2 are now uploaded

Aug 17, 2016  Course web being updated

The course web is currently being updated to reflect the new edition of the course in Fall 2016.

June 30, 2016  Lab assignments updated

The lab instructions are currently being revised for the next edition of the course, due in the Fall of 2016.

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