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TDDD04 Software Testing

Course Literature

Official literature

The following book covers the first part of the course (test case design) well, but lacks in other parts (e.g. integration and system testing). If you choose this book, you will be expected to research certain areas of the course on your own.

A Practitioner's Guide to Software Test Design
by Lee Copeland

Publisher: Artech House
ISBN 978-1-58053-791-9
Copyright 2004
Pages: 320

Also available at the library as an electronic resource if you search for the title.

Recommended literature

The following book covers a broader range of topics, some of which are included in the course, but may be difficult to find for purchase. If this becomes easier to purchase in the future, it may replace the official literature.

Software Testing: A Craftsman's Approach
by Paul Jorgensen

Publisher: Auerback Publications
ISBN 978-0849374753
Copyright 2008
Pages: 440

Also available as an electronic resource through the library.

Some material is based on Cem Kaner's series of online lectures on Software Testing, which contains a comprehensive set of lectures on basic topics in testing as well as more advanced techniques.

Research papers on Software Testing

Standards on Software testing

Test automation

Model-based testing

Agile testing

Integrated tests

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