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TDDD04 Software Testing



The lab assignments are meant to practice more in depth the skills you are taught during the lectures. Software Testing is a diverse discipline, though, and this lab course attempts to reflect that. You will have the chance to train how to use software engineering tools for automated testing, train in the art and practice of understanding and testing software manually, and experiment with cutting-edge research software. The table below gives you an overview of the lab series. In addition, we have outlined how you will come in contact with both research, techniques, and practices during these lab assignments.


Lab Name

Related Topics


Lab 1 Exploratory testing Test planning Exploratory testing, UI testing
Lab 2 Black Box Testing Basic concepts, Test planning, Black Box Testing Unit testing, Integration testing, Code coverage
Lab 3 Symbolic execution Black Box Testing, Symbolic execution Test case generation
Lab 4 Model based testing Black Box Testing, Model Based Testing, Automated Testing Test case generation, Code coverage
Lab 5 Mutation testing Mutation testing Test suite evaluation, Code coverage
Lab 6 Test Planning


Sign up in WebReg to a group, and note lab hours specific to your group.

Also, read the instructions for how to use Git and Gitlab during the lab series, as we will use those tools extensively.

Individual work and collaboration

The course grade will be set based on the labs and all lab submissions will be completed in pairs. However we encourage you to use Lisam to collaborate with other students, share good resources, ask and answer questions and generally help each other out.

Reporting your results

To make sure you get your feedback in a timely manner, we ask you to submit your lab assignements within the timeframe allocated for each lab. For each assignement you will be asked to submit a Lab report via Lisam, source code via Gitlab.

When submitting your labs please use the following naming conventions: Your code shall be uploaded to Gitlab, where you shall have one repository per group. If your student ids are olero90 and johti17 and you are enrolled in WebReg group A1, your Gitlab project should be called TDDD04-YEAR-A1-olero90-johti17, where YEAR is the current year. Provide your assistant with reporter access to your project, so he or she can review your solutions. Your project shall contain directories with names that correspond to each lab assignment eg: lab1, with sub-directories part1, part2 etc...

For specific details of each submission please check the lab descriptions.

The reports should be uploaded to Lisam in the corresponding submissions and should clearly state which section of the lab is being answered.

Reports should be submitted as group reports and should include the names of both lab partners in the pdf as well as the link to the Git repository.

During the last lab session you will be asked to demonstrate your solutions. To show you have solved the labs yourself, each of the group members will be asked to asnwer individual questions about the code and the reasonment behind the answers you gave to the lab.

You will have 15 minutes and you must be prepared to demonstrate a lab that your lab assistant will choose and answer follow-up questions about it. Therefore you must be ready to demonstrate all the labs during the final session.

You will also be asked to show your id to the lab assistant.

Important: If the labs are not submitted on time, the highest grade possible will be 3.

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Last updated: 2022-08-22